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Oparara Estuary gorse forest: watch this space!

Oparara Source to Sea

CSK is collaborating on the community-led Oparara Source to Sea Sanctuary, working with Karamea Area School, the Kawatiri Homeschool Group, local Department of Conservation and the community to create a protected and restored corridor from the incredible Oparara Basin to the Tasman Sea. In 2022, we will supply and help plant 5000 eco-sourced native plants at the Oparara Estuary Reserve – the first step in an ambitious 5 hectare regeneration project replacing herbicide-sprayed gorse with a vibrant forest around the estuary.
This area is home to iconic and rare bird species such as kōtuku, royal spoonbills and bitterns, a seasonal resting place of godwits and turnstone, as well as a spawning ground for inanga species. Restoration plantings will increase biodiversity and preferred habitat for these species, as well as mitigate threats of erosion of the Reserve and flooding of adjacent farmland.

This project will function as an outdoor classroom for our local tamariki, providing real world opportunities for science, literacy, maths, design and technology in a conservation context. Additionally, as the regeneration develops, the community will have better access to the northern end of the estuary, allowing for extended bird-watching, dog-walking and mahinga kai opportunities. 

We are so excited to be part of this mahi, helping protect and enhance a Reserve that has been a beautiful and abundant gathering space for over 600 years.

Farm riparian planting

Are you looking for ways to improve your farm’s productivity and the health of the environment around it? Riparian planting is an effective solution that can help you achieve both of these goals. Riparian planting is the practice of planting trees and shrubs along streams, rivers, and other waterways. These plants serve as a buffer zone between the water and the surrounding land, filtering pollutants and reducing erosion. Riparian planting has been proven to improve water quality, provide wildlife habitat, and increase biodiversity. But the benefits of riparian planting don’t end there. Research has shown that riparian planting can also improve soil health and reduce the risk of nutrient loss, leading to improved crop yields. The trees and shrubs can provide shade, which can help to reduce heat stress in your livestock, leading to improved milk production. By implementing riparian planting on your farm, you can also improve your relationship with your community and customers. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of agriculture, and riparian planting can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and responsible land stewardship. Riparian planting is an investment in the future of your farm, the environment, and your community. It may take some time and effort to establish, but the benefits will be long-lasting. We encourage you to consider riparian planting as a way to improve your farm’s productivity and sustainability. If you have any questions, would like more information about riparian planting or are interested in our quick and easy planting service, please feel free to contact us. 

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FarmChat 2021


There are many NZers leading the way in environmental management on farms, but getting the chance to connect with them can be hard in such an isolated community. In 2021, we held the first FarmChat, an annual event to bring together local farmers and leaders in environmental care. Our three speakers, Heather McKay, Nick Hand and Lloyd McCall, covered topics such as incoming legislation, farm environment plans, and catchment care success. This event helped lead to the formation of a local Catchment Care group, the first of its kind in Buller and a clear indication that local farmers are invested in a positive environmental future for their farms.

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