Annie Currie Legacy Grant

Annie Currie was made aware of the Clean Streams Karamea (CSK) Nursery and Riparian Planting Service by her friend and CSK committee member at the time, Liz Kerslake, and she was very supportive of the rewilding projects CSK is involved in.

Annie and Liz were great mates from their Christchurch days where they worked and played together. Annie passed away in October 2021 and in accordance with Annies wishes, Clean Streams Karamea received a generous grant of $25 000.00.

Clean Streams Karamea would like to express their deepest gratitude to Annie, a truly inspirational woman and also to Liz for sharing her passion with her dear friend. The funds will be allocated to plants to be planted in ecosystem restoration, riparian buffers and/or afforestation projects. We will also look at where might be the best place to erect a plaque in Annie’s memory.